Wu Lin Feng - China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

Wu Lin Feng – China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

World famous Wu Lin Feng (WLF), the Chinese K1 Championship, is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Chris Boyne and PFC, that it is coming to Ireland this March 21st 2015.

Since its launch in 2004, Wu Lin Feng (WLF) has held multiple fighting tournaments all over the world including cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Auckland and Dubai.

The championship applies various mixed styles of martial arts techniques but particularly resembles the K-1 kickboxing style. It prohibits elbows to the head and does not count trips to the ground as knockdowns.

On March 21st, WLF China Vs Team Ireland, will be broadcast to over 900 million homes in China. The card will feature the top 10 Chinese fighters in China versus the Top 10 Irish fighters from Ireland.

We will also have prestige bouts, and an undercard of the best domestic Irish pro and amateur fighters on the card.

Tickets are available from all fighters, participating gyms, and ticket master.
General €26.50. Ringside starting at €36.50
VIP tables €500.

The event will take place at Spin Roller Skating, Walkinstown Cross, The Longmile Road,

Production and sound, as always, will be top class.

Wu Lin Feng - China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

Main card consists of:

  • Jamez Barber (Ireland) V Deng Zeki (China)
  • Keith Levins (Ireland) V Qi Chengong (China)
  • Karl Mccallig (Ireland) V Chen Zhiknag (China)
  • Jeanderson Ortsac (Ireland) v Lu Wan (China)
  • Mark Casserly (Ireland) v li Qiankun (China)
  • Paul Norton (Ireland) v Lu Jianbo ( China)

The above list will be updated with all the fights as soon as they will be announced.

Website: www.wlfireland.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WLFIreland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WLFIreland

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